New Release: Tissot PRS Triple Seconds

The weekend watch will be coming tomorrow, but I wanted to show you all quickly an interesting and affordable new watch release from Tissot; the PRS automatic triple second.  Tissot has never been a favorite of mine, I felt their styling was in-line with Hamilton and they offered similar value for money with essentially the same ETA movements while Hamilton had a more interesting brand history (just my opinion), but this new piece from Tissot offers a new “complication” in a fairly sporty case for around $1000.  An interesting value proposition and something you rarely see, an ETA movement sporting a new complication.


The Watch

3 seconds dials, creating the illusion of retrograde seconds without the cost

This watch is at its base a classic time and date automatic watch with an ETA 2824 movement.  Tissot brings their sportier styling language to this particular case, with squared hands and rectangular hour markers.  They’ve also included an all ceramic bezel, which looks great in the initial press images, but I’d be curious to see it in some natural light before I passed judgement.  So for the most part its your run of the mill Swiss entry level watch, until you notice the 3 dials each showing 20 second segments.  each dial has a red seconds hand that runs through its arc and then “passes” to the next subdial. The effect created is not unlike that of a retrograde seconds hand, but in reality Tissot simply cloned the seconds geartrain in 3 places and recessed the subdials to only show a segment.  Each hand makes the regular 60 second revolution, but is only visible for its segment.

The Vacheron Constantin Mercator watch, a gorgeous example of true retrograde hands.

Its an exceedingly clever trick from Tissot, and makes the retrograde hand visual accessible at a new price point.  Retrograde hands are not fundamentally a complication, nor are they necessarily the most difficult thing to develop, but taking a new approach to retrograde hands is really smart of Tissot.  It has allowed them to innovate at a pricepoint where there isn’t much variety for consumers, and I really think they will be rewarded for it.  The watch won’t be on sale in the US until the fall most likely, but I will be very tempted once the holidays roll around.





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