Movement Monday: A. Lange & Sohne Double Split

In this new alliterative series we will be looking at some of the move spectacular movements in the world of watches today. Since Monday’s are never fun we will focus on pictures instead of words and let the movements do the talking (rest assured the watches that house these movements will no doubt get their day in the sun as well, whether as grail watches or, if I hit the lottery, owner reviews)

Much as I kicked off the Grail Watch series with a watch that few watch lovers wouldn’t consider a grail, we are kicking off the Movement Monday series with a watch movement that is unrivaled in its unique complexity, depth, and beauty; the movement of the A. Lange & Sohne Double Split.  Not many watch movements can claim a truly unique complication, but the Double Split is in fact the only mechanical wristwatch or pocketwatch with both a rattrapante second and rattrapante minute counter for its chronograph.  What this means is theory is that you time the difference between two events (think two racers finishing a race) to up to 30 minutes.  This is a feature easily attainable on an Iphone, so not necessarily that exciting, but in practice it results in an incredible complex chronograph movement often described as “a city under glass”.


Lange is known for the unique depth they bring to their chronograph movements.  Traditionalists may not like this vertical movement design, but to me it creates layers of visual interest that add to the mechanical artwork of the movement.  Combine that with Lange’s use of gold chatons with blued steel screws, German silver bridges, and stainless steel levers and column wheels and you have a multi-dimensional and multi-toned horological masterpiece.  Lange’s meticulousness is on display in the finishing of every bridge and lever.  Even the balance cock, barely visible underneath the chronograph levers, is hand engraved as with all Lange watches.  When people ask me why I like mechanical watches and what makes then worth thousands of dollars this is always the first picture I show them.  Lange demonstrates the pinnacle of movement making beauty with the double split and in my opinion no one has knocked them off their perch yet.  Now just sit back and enjoy some more high qualities pictures of this German masterpiece.







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